A Nurse’s 2012 Top Ten Influential Blogs

2012 top 10 influential blogsI don’t exactly know how and where to start thinking that I am complying this post at the very deadliest deadline of submission to complete my entry for 2012 Top Ten Fabulous Influential Blogs.

Where it All Started?

Unemployment was the key why I have gambled into the world of blogging. Since there is nothing for me yet in the real world, then might as well do stuffs in this virtual world of blogging.

And the very post which started it all was about RN Heals 3 application last December that have read by hundreds of most unemployed nurses aiming to be part of this DOH project.

Why A Nurse Blogs?

Then, I realized that blogging was not purely virtual after all because I have connected with real people, real nurses like me searching for that real “nurse feeling.” I know you get what that means because as unemployed, we long to be finally wearing again our white uniforms, right?

And there is just a special feeling / connection every time I post a particular update for nurses. A nice feeling every time I get to be asked regarding a special topic (which fyi, I am not affiliated to any government institution or department). But apart from that, though I am not in a white uniform, is the fulfillment of helping my fellow nurses in their journey of nursing career which is the very nature of a “nurse job” – to care and help.

What I wanna share?

So, I’m sharing a list of my favorite blogs I get to read during spare times or my so called list of 2012 Top Ten Influential Blogs.

  1. Filipino Bloggers Worldwide – The most helpful blog especially when you are still starting. There is a group as well wherein there is an exchange of tips and tricks to guide you through.
  2. Journeying James – I’ve traced his isang daan journey and have indeed witness the success of his biggest travel plan.
  3. Nurses Labs – It’s time to support co nurse bloggers. It’s a site not only updating registered nurses but providing as well guides and tips for nursing students.
  4. OFW Nurse – A nurse blogger again who is already abroad but still is helping her fellow nurses here in the Philippines with updates about nursing abroad.
  5. I am HIV Positive – I commend the blog owner. Despite of the crisis he is living with is still the strength to still continue life and sharing his experiences to the whole world.
  6. Pinay Travel Junkie – A girl traveler I never missed a post to read on. She is currently tied up right now with round the world tour together with her whole family.
  7. Diy Germz – A diy turned into a business and how she has used the blogging world to showcase all of her products.
  8. Next Ping – It’s everything under the sun. I am amazed actually as how he gets to blog with almost anything and still get his needed traffic.
  9. Sporty Guy – A blog that guides nurses like me who are not really into sports.
  10. Filipino Nurses – It’s a community of all Filipino Nurses inspiring the world with personal experiences and of course nursing updates.


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