Region 3 RN Heals 4 Welcomes Nurse Deployment Project

nurse deployment projectRegion 3 RN Heals 4 welcomes Nurse Deployment Project through a culmination program last December 5-6 at Hotel Statsenberg, Clarkfield.

For this year 2014, about 913 nurses are to be selected for employment and deployment under Nurse Deployment Program. This is in support of the country’s attainment of Universal Health Care while complementing the increasing needs for competent health workers while delivering quality health services to the public.

Nurse Deployment Program is the repackaged program of the health department as replacement for RN Heals Program. Finally, a certificate of employment is to be handed out to nurses after 2 years completion of nurse deployment project.

The recruitment and selection process started last November 4 until the first week of December receinving a pool of more than 3,000 nurse deployment project applicants who underwent a series of paper review, written examination and interview facilitated by the HRDU.

Right after, series of orientations will take place in preparation for the deployment this coming January 2014, as per guidelines, the chosen applicants will be assigned to: RHU, BHS, level 1 government hospitals in their assigned municipalities under conditional cash priority areas.

source: Health Newscribe Issue No. 6