NLE Result December 2013 To Be Released On January 2014

NLE ResultGood News NLE December takers as NLE Result December 2013 may be released sooner than the expected 30 working days which also includes the Top 10, top performing school and performance of schools.

While many guess NLE Result December 2013 will be out during the dates of January 15 – 22, 2014, Carl balita, a reliable source for every NLE Result, have already made confirmations in Facebook through a series of riddles. The first one was,

“I may not want to say when exactly but you may ask HER to sing a soundtrack of your waiting. But wait! She may need to sing her song within the whole WEEK.”

Followed up by another,

“Some time around and between the beginnings of the Solar calendar and the Lunar calendar, the DREAM and the DREAMER will be ONE.”

So what’s your answer to the riddle, future nurses? I’m guessing NLE Result December 2013 will already be this coming weekend?