Boston Bombing, an Adapation of G.I. Joe Retaliation

News has once again released another update of the very truth of Boston Bombing series. But the words, “stage,” “frame” seem to be always in the picture showing every possible details that the Tsarnaev brothers are just a front act.

From the different sides of stories that were already foretold since the bombing happened, which one should we really side?

Or should we admit that every bit of it brings an air of familiarity?
“stage” “fake” “frame”… The words are getting too “media”, “showbizy”, dramatic, which may lead those to the just recently shown in theatres-movie, G.I. Joe Retaliation.

From the movie, America is the world’s most badass country and it was within the government that jeopardized the very existence of the G.I. Joe, a handful of dudes and lady dudes who’ll save the world.

In real life? As what everyone tries to believe, Boston bombing was faked and within the securities / just another branch of the government, the fake ones lie.

Who are the G.I. Joe? It can be the people who wish nothing but a peaceful world thereby trying to save it? I don’t really know.

What do you think?

Try to look below!

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