What Cepalco Should Know when a 4-hour Brownout Hits a Hemodialysis Center

Cepalco is back again with a new schedule of rotational brownout in Cagayan de Oro. A rather expected “situation” when you’re living within the city and (okay, chance) acceptable, since anyway, their memo is a big help during the preparation. But what happens when power interruptions do not follow according to schedule? Here’s a typical […]

Took the First to Becoming a Dialysis Nurse | Understanding HBsAg, Anti-HBsAg and Anti-HCv Screening Results

Hemodialysis Training in Cagayan de Oro So, I finally took a leap and decided to take a different path in my nursing career–to become a nephrology nurse. I cannot contain my excitement to be part of Global Nephro Training Center’s September 2015 batch in their Cagayan de Oro branch, Nephrology Cneter Cagayan de Oro (NCCDO). […]

Nurse Germz
Hey Nurses, Nurse Germz here. I am a dialysis nurse here in the Philippines saving lives milliliters per minute at a time for 7 years now and welcome to my blog as I take you with me in discovering nursing career.

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