FREE Download NCLEX Resources | Kaplan, Mark Klimek, Uworld, LaCharity

Free download of NCLEX resources to Nurses who are about to take the exam, those who are still planning to and most especially those who failed and will take again.

I passed the NCLEX three years ago. I took it twice and I am paying it forward. The current batch of nurses who are processing US application as of the moment is unbelievably fast and most have flown to USA in just a matter of 6 months.

I am part of the earlier batch and the journey has not been that smooth and swift but I am happy that US opportunities for Filipino nurses is getting more and more improved. So, I am giving free download of the basic three resources that worked and helped me pass NCLEX the second time.

Retaking the Exam

For retakers like me, you may have failed the exam but good news is, you’ve passed the first time jitters. Take it as an advantage. You’ve already been to the examination area, you’ve been exposed to the whole process and on top of that, you’ve taken NCLEX itself and that’s one less thing to worry about.

What you should do now, is to prepare in a whole new different approach. Since whatever you did last time, unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep

Free download Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep

The first book (it’s actually PDF) that I read after failing the exam was Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep. Treat NCLEX as a battle and as they say, “To win, Understand Your Enemy” and Kaplan can help you with that, to get to know NCLEX more.

I tell you, I was way more confident after going over the whole book. It is divided into 5 parts. The first part is all about NCLEX-RN Exam overview and test taking stragies. Second is Content review and Practice. Third is The Practic test, Fourth, the Licensure Process and the last part is NCLEX exam resources. It’s like a walkthrough of the entire NCLEX and not the typical book about diseases, treatments and the nursing process because it discusses the content according to how NCLEX is made.

Mark Klimek

Free download Mark Klimek Lecture Notes

Listen to Mark Klimek Audio here

The second resource I used was Mark Klimek. He discusses just the principles that can be applied to all other diseases and treatments. This is exactly what you need. It is an audio recording that comes with its corresponding notes that contain blanks where you fill those out while listening to the discussion. He can definitely assure you that you need not study all the diseases because his discussion and notes are enough and you’ll be amazed yourself.


Free download Uworld Qbank PDF

Once you are familiar with the NCLEX blueprint by Kaplan and the principles by Mark Klimek, it’s time to do some practice tests. Uworld is like the closest thing to NCLEX which is even harder than the actual exam. It’s a good way of setting your midnset so that in the actual test, everything will be just easy peazy.

LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment

Free download LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment

Prioritization, Delegation & Assignment type of question is the most reliable indicator that you are more likely to pass the exam. It’s not the SATA because SATA can still vary from easy to difficult type of questions.

Prioritization, Delegation & Assignment is like the terminal type of question and once you’ve reached this part, you’ve proven that you are equipped with the nursing knowledge and now, you are on the process of applying your critical thinking skills.

Dealing with Exam Anxiety

The last thing you need to deal also is exam anxiety. Despite having the advantage of experiencing the exam, anxiety is always there, this time having the fear of failing it again. So, find anything that can help divert your anxiety while preparing for the exam.

After using all 3 resources and fighting my anxiety, I passed NCLEX in minimum 75 questions in 2 hours last 2019, 3 months after I failed the exam.

Now, it’s your turn. Sending you my advance Congratulations!